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Stuff my mum carves. Known as a Sisiutl.

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Statue based on Leonardo daVinci’s famous concept for artificial wings.

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Susan Hannon: You Get Me Closer To God, no. 6

American bible, mixed media

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Octo-Labra, An Octopus Candelabra

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By Gregory Euclide, these ideas about world building and construction have been appealing to me lately, you don’t get much better than this. I’ve seen the idea of a painting pouring from the frame before, but never anything quite so elaborate! The area of the sculpture to the left where it is being built back up is stupendous, the stilts just make it.

He has some gripping images of the construction and development of the whole thing on his Flickr, too good not to see.

This is obviously awesome.

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金繕い 「怖くても美しい。」

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The second of 3 Fledgies in this series! He is much more quiet and easy going than his cockatoo counterpart and his name is Pweep, I reckon.


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Ancient Greek sculpture Laocoön and His Sons, 25 BC, White marble


Laocoon was the uncle of the Trojan prince Aeneas. In Book II of Vergil/Virgil’s Aeneid, Laocoon makes the memorable comment about being wary of Greeks bearing gifts. Laocoon believed the massive wooden horse known as the Trojan horse had men in it who would destroy the city of Troy. Laocoon was right, of course, but he was no more trusted than the prophetess Cassandra who also warned the Trojans against the horse.

Laocoon was a priest of the sea god Neptune, but this didn’t save him from divine punishment when he thrust a sword into the side of the wooden horse. Ostensibly, the horse was an offering to the goddess Athena/Minerva. As punishment, Laocoon and his two son were strangled by serpents from the sea. The Trojans considered this punishment a sign that Laocoon had displeased the god whom he served. They also believed it showed that the wooden horse was sacred, so they wheeled it into the city. The inevitable result was a Greek victory and Troy in flames.

Courtesy & currently located at the Vatican Museums, Rome. Photos taken by Marie-Lan Nguyen and JuanMa



Naoko Ito, Flora

Ubiquitous, 2009

Nature divided and jarred.

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