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study group at the avengers midnight premiere?!!

for some loser who came up most of this

  • Troy and Abed decided they were gonna be awesome and somehow convinced everyone else to dress up too
  • Annie got really into it with them and suited up as Hawkeye
  • Jeff “Accidentally Handsome” Winger came as Tony Stark. What, he totally wears this, didn’t you see that movie?
  • Britta britta’d it. I mean, her favorite superhero is X-Man.
  • Shirley borrowed Hulk smash gloves from her boys!!
  • Pierce just really liked the concept of Captain America (i’m so sorry steve)
  • Same with Chang and Nick Fury (i’m so sorry sir)
  • Who else, honestly


seriously though about fucking time ive been waiting for this goddamn hug for like four seasons


Ice Jellyfish by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

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The storm by Zeb Andrews on Flickr.

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