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Glaw the three eyed raven doll is in the shop!

This is Glaw the three eyed Raven. She is wise and a little scary. Once she is yours Glaw will show up in your dreams often! Her favorite thing to eat is a fat juicy grub with a side of butternut squash.

Glaw is 8.25” ( 21cm) tall when standing on her feet. 

This is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art. The face, claws and feet are an original sculpt cast in resin that is then hand painted.  Each cast piece is sealed with clear coat. The body is a soft, non articulated floppy style stuffed with soft polyfill. Faux fur body with stiff fabric wings/tail with hand painted iridescent accents. Handmade clear acrylic eyes. Her necklace is made from an antique iron key with carnelian, jasper, glass and wood beads.

Every one of my dolls comes with a special etched wood tag that is signed and dated with the doll’s name.

 These dolls are meant to be petted and cuddled a bit but please treat them with care. Wipe the face or paws with a slightly damp cloth to clean any scuffs or dust.  They are not rated for young children!

I do not take commissions for dolls or any other custom artwork. 


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Sculptures Hand-Cut from Single Sheets of Paper by Nahoko Kojima

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Scott Musgrove. Walktopus. Bronze.


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Are you trying to give me heart palpitations?

Don’t you mean heart Palpatines?


Etsy Find of the Day!

Akinobu Izumi creates these miniature worlds using paper, clay, wax, and other materials. The best part is that they can be yours for $22 on Etsy.

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Petal Deer by creaturesfromel

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Forms in Nature by Hilden Diaz is a light sculpture that casts shadows resembling tree branches on the surrounding walls.

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Statue based on Leonardo daVinci’s famous concept for artificial wings.

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Susan Hannon: You Get Me Closer To God, no. 6

American bible, mixed media

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