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  • Mom: something is making him drink.
  • Me: yeah the first eight and a half seasons.


Okay, if Cas isn’t going to be in this next episode, I just want one of the Winchesters to casually mention him. And for the Ghostfacers to just go, “Wait… You mean Castiel?”

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I see Cas hasn’t lost any of his sass.

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Why would you get rid of a character’s iconic khaki trench coat only to put him in another ill-fitting khaki coat two/three episodes later?

Supernatural – Season 9 So Far – The Gripe Review ›

Someone actually wrote out all the things that have been pissing me off about Season 9! I’m not the only one. Wow, I feel validated.

I will always remember when the Doctor was me.

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The whole SPN fandom right now (via mishadmitrikrushniccollins)

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lol and i’m just like

i was so happy for cas to have the chance to appreciate himself without powers

that he could be useful without them

that sam and dean would want him around regardless because he’s family

and then the writers basically took a huge shit on that thanks

thanks so much

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